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  -Piercing Aftercare-

-Clean new piercing 1 hour after receiving your new piercing.

-Clean new piercing with Anti-bacterial hand soap & water on a fresh soft saturated paper towel.

-Rinse with water.

-Pat dry with fresh soft paper towel.

- Apply a purified saline wound wash with q-tip around new piercing.

-Air dry.

-Repeat this 3 - 4 times a day.

-Core Piercing Aftercare & Micro dermal Implants-

-No submerging in hot tubs, bathtubs, or swimming pools for 6 - 8 weeks.

-Oral Piercing Aftercare-

-Alcohol free mouthwash ONLY!

-Swish with mouthwash 3 - 4 times a day.

-Expect swelling.

-Do not smoke , drink alcohol , or take aspirin within first 24 hours. 

-No gritty foods or long noodles.


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Image by Sandie Clarke

When it is time to change your jewelry for the 1st time!

Once your new piercing is fully healed come & visit The Room and lets see what I have in my jewelry box to replace your standard body jewelry in which you were pierced with, with custom jewelry. There will be no installation fee , ONLY the cost(s) of the jewelry.


Healing Process


-Salt h2o, it will dry out your piercing, salt h2o is not purified & may harbor bacteria.

-Hydrogen Peroxide, it will heal improper.

-Alcohol, it will heal improper.

-Perfumes or Lotions on or near piercing.


-Submerge in a hot tub, bath, ocean or swimming pool.


-Change jewelry until piercing is fully healed.


Bathtub and Candle
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I take health, safety and cleanliness seriously. I am trained and certified in CPR and Blood Borne Pathogens. I have been vaccinated for COVID. I wear a mask at all times and hand washing is a constant daily ritual. I keep an extremely  clean studio.  I use high grade medical devices for cleaning and sterilization. Every client is treated with the most care! 

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